The whole wellness movement was one that we embraced early as it aligned with much of our own experience of what made people happy in the offices we created.

We built the first ‘Well’ certified office in the UK in 2018. The Porter Building in Slough was designed and built to offer qualitative characteristics that would benefit body and mind. It achieved the International Well Building Institute’s ‘Gold Standard’ rating.

Healthy and happy people are more productive, more focused, have higher motivation and are more loyal (and take fewer sick days). So, what’s not to like?
After all, we spend more than a third of our adult lives at work, so making that time enjoyable is clearly going to have a positive impact on our health and morale.
There’s a simple reason why business now places so much importance on wellbeing, it’s good for people, but it’s also good for profits.

So, what makes a ‘Well’ building?