It’s relatively simple.

We search for unique opportunities, curate the best design innovation and cultural input and use those to deliver inspirational workspaces that fire people’s imagination about what work can look and feel like. Ok, perhaps it’s not simple, but then as Einstein said, ‘If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough’.

Creative spaces

Many of us love the idea of a creative workspace with exposed services and a sense of relaxed purpose, but we don’t all necessarily want to work in a reclaimed warehouse.

It’s what prompted us to take the ‘vibe’ of that very contemporary aesthetic and deliver it within a modern office envelope. The result is the best of both worlds - inspirational spaces for employees, in the right locations and with the right facilities for corporate business.

Talent may be mercurial by nature, but providing a unique workplace is a great way to attract and retain it.

Innovative engineering

Potential is not always evident.

Sometimes you need to think hard about how to extract it. But ironically, it’s often those projects that become the most successful and rewarding for everyone. So, whether it’s using clever steelwork to add four floors to the existing Thames Tower building, reconfiguring an icon like The Ark, or creating a 100m internal ‘Street’ at The Charter Building, we love pushing the limits of what is possible.

Concierge services

We all need someone to give us a hand occasionally or encourage us away from our desk for a few moments.

Our Concierge teams provide a focal point for each building and look after the facilities day-to-day. They’re there to help, so if you want to get a suit dry-cleaned or you need to know the time of the next train, they’ll be happy to oblige.

Keeping things running smoothly and efficiently is great, but we want workplaces to be enjoyable as well, right? So, the teams organise activities like Yoga and exercise classes, bike surgeries, art installations and events that bring people together. They can even help with the little things that just make life better, like a birthday cake or a bunch of flowers.

Location and green transport

We all want to work somewhere that’s got lots going on.

Energetic, interesting, exciting locations that provide us with places to enjoy and things to experience. We also want to be able to get there and back quickly and easily.

So, our buildings are located in buzzing neighbourhoods that are accessible via public transport that’s often literally on the doorstep. Green and healthy commuting is even easier, with electric car charging points, bicycle parking, showers and lockers all provided on site.

People, the planet and profit

Our experience has shown that it’s possible to create amazing workplaces that are more enjoyable, healthier and more productive and yet have an increasingly smaller impact on the environment.

It’s a virtuous circle. We design offices that are happier places to work but that are also more responsible corporate environments. As a result, they become more desirable for staff and management alike, so what’s good for the planet is also good for our occupiers and our investors.

What you might call a win-win-win scenario.