We question everything, assume nothing

We make it our mission to understand the world into which our projects fit. If the tectonic plates shift, we’re often the first to register the movement and recognise the implications. We challenge all around us by consistently raising the bar in the search of creativity. And above all, we enjoy the process.

We are curators

Spotting trends, embracing change and harnessing new ideas, we’re always trying to anticipate tomorrow’s workplace.

We noticed a great new culture in the creative spaces of London’s East End and made it accessible outside of Shoreditch. We understood how important health and wellbeing was going to become and we’re championing the new awareness of social responsibility and the environment. Each one presents its own challenges to overcome, but happily, we also curate the best talent and technical expertise.

We’re agents of change

Sometimes you just need to poke the status quo with a big stick.

Pushing the envelope is not about taking risks, it’s simply about having the vision to know what is possible and then being committed enough to making it happen. ‘How could this be better?’ has long been our mantra. We helped to launch BREEAM, we built the largest photovoltaic wall in Europe, we created the first WELL building in the UK, we took Shoreditch style out of the capital to make workplaces more exciting and we’re on a mission to minimise embodied carbon.

Every project brings us a new opportunity to raise the bar. Then, it’s just a matter of making the leap.

We enjoy creativity

We love free thinkers, pioneers and visionaries, all those that are brave enough to say, ‘Let’s do something different.’ After all, who wants to spend their lives doing the same old thing over and over?

Every project is a blank canvas that challenges us to create something truly unique. Sometimes the challenges are so great that others fail to even see the opportunity, but to us they’re often the most rewarding of all. Having understood the potential, it’s then the attention to detail that matters, whether that’s the big-picture aesthetics of a new façade or reception area, the smallest nuances of a bespoke signage system or the unseen technical innovations that enable change.

Our projects look great, sure, but sometimes it’s what is going on under the skin or in the background that’s the really exciting bit. As an example, adding four floors to the Thames Tower building took a leap of faith and some award-winning (and completely invisible) steel fabrication to transform an unloved landmark into one of the region’s most sought-after addresses.

We love sweeping away pre-conceptions, re-defining what’s possible and delivering new and exciting ways of working. If creativity is intelligence having fun, then we’re having a ball.

We’re partnered by genius

It not all about us. We’re fortunate to have a loyal family of trusted professionals that share our vision and our values.

Over the years we’ve established levels of understanding that streamline decision making and encourage original thinking.

Sharing the simple goal of creating a product that we can all be proud of involves great architecture, innovative structural solutions, awesome interiors and informed environmental expertise. It’s a process that involves many moving parts, but the results are singularly impressive.

We’re committed to excellence

Our buildings are really a manifestation of our understanding of the people that work in them.

We try to put ourselves in a potential occupier’s mind and ask, ‘Would we want to work there?’ It’s a process that helps us to design in the details that really matter, but it’s also something that provides insight into the longer-term relationships that we establish.

We have a straightforward, no-nonsense and transparent way of doing things. We love to simplify things. What do you need? What are the issues? How can we deliver? We try to anticipate where we can, listen and learn whenever we have the opportunity and find solutions that outshine expectations.

And enjoy a large dollup of fun

Life’s too short, right? So, you’ve got to enjoy a little fun along the way.

3D building models made of Lego, parties DJ’d by popstars, smoothie-making pushbikes, the chance to play Bowie in a marketing suite or watch drone racing on an office floor.

Silly things, to make serious points, but ultimately all part of a culture that knows that the journey is as important as the destination.