We are developers, asset managers, disrupters and collaborators.

We look for challenges, because just behind them lie opportunities. We spot trends, blaze trails and drive change. We curate environments that stand out from the crowd, but perhaps most importantly, we create places that make people happy.

We are developers

We’re always looking for opportunities. Sometimes they present themselves directly, other times they come to us through our partners and we realise them together.

Our development experience has been grown and refined over more than 20 years and 14 million sq ft of project work that includes Business Parks, Offices, Logistics, Studios and Hotels.

We spot trends; social, technical, cultural and geographical, to see where and how we can anticipate tomorrow’s market. Then we curate the best aesthetic and technical solutions and finally, we step back from all the research and ask ourselves, ‘Would we want to work there?’ It’s a challenging and perhaps unique method, but then time has shown that, ‘That’s what gets results.’

We are asset managers

It’s about how much you care. It’s about the big picture and the small details.

Over our years of development, we realised how much we cared about what happened to our buildings and the people who occupied them. We began thinking long-term about how we could ‘bake-in’ a culture of exceptional occupier care and healthy investor returns. Our ever-closer relationship with the businesses that worked in our buildings became a fundamental part of the success of our projects and our investors saw the benefits of strong occupier demand.

That experience now informs our role as Asset Managers to a number of investors and portfolios.

Our culture

We love what we do and do what we love.

We have a barrier-free culture of diversity, talent and creativity. We’re open and transparent, hard-working but easy to get on with, focussed, yet perhaps just as importantly, we’re a lot of fun to work with. We’re young enough to question everything and old enough to have most of the answers.

Over the years we’ve formed a team of professionals with whom we share a mutual loyalty. From this, flows a set of understood values and standards that mean we’re all aligned on the objectives of our projects, yet comfortable enough with one another to be able to push and challenge to get the very best out of them.

Who we work with

Trevor Silver


James Silver

Managing Director

Hermione Redford

Team Assistant / Office Manager

Laura Pulford

Development Director

Ana Mantovani

Investment Analysis

Richard Gilbert

Development Surveyor

Charlotte Elliot


Samera Sacha-Qadri

Finance Director

Lisa Jordan

Business Development Director